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Hemiplegic migraine

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Thank you, I will review everything. I have had “typical” migraines with aura, nausea, sound and light sinsitivity etc. daily my entire life. They are well managed with topomax. My hemiplegic migraines presents with left sided numbness, weakness, neurological confusion, and fatigue. I am taking verapamil twice aday. 40mg quick release in the am and 120mg slow release in the evening. Along with the topomax 125mg I was already taking. My episodes last anywhere from hours to weeks. Depending on cause. I have no auras (visual disturbance in a glittering blob)

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I also have speech difficulties and generally trouble focusing like my brain is just very tired! Forgot that part. The video is interesting those types of migraines are what i have had since i was a child. But daily topomax fixed it. The clinical trial is interesting but so far I have heard terrible things about botox when used for migraine treatments. 🤷‍♀️

When I was diagnosed in the hospital neuro unit I didn't want any information. I regret this because it has left me playing catch up as to what is what. I just refreshed on aura for this condition "By definition, individuals with hemiplegic migraine experience weakness on one side of the body during the aura (hemiplegia)" So I do have aura. This is from the NORD website if any one else would like to read their information.

– Hemiplegic Migraine https://rarediseases.org/rare-diseases/hemiplegic-migraine/

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