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Linda, Until a couple of days ago, I felt exactly the way you do: staying alive not for my sake but the sake of a couple of people in my life. I "question God" just about every night, asking Him why was I born in the first place. I feel so lonely, so isolated, yet my neighborhood is small, In my neighborhood just about everyone goes to church on Sunday yet practically no one says "hello" to me; when I get angry I am reminded of what Gandhi said as to why he did not become a Christian; his answer? "I probably would have become one had I known one".

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I am lonely and isolated. I am the person who had her house burn down and lost everything 7 mos ago. I have a great deal of compassion for people who are now experiencing the same in another state. I moved to another state, I don't know any one but I have only been here 3 weeks. I need people and miss my friend. I go to the mall and just sit or walk around to have human contact. After the fire, my doctor prescribed generous doses of Valium to help me cope with my loses. I lost my emotional support dog in the fire. Guilt plagues me that I couldn't save her. I miss her terribly as she was my constant companion and best friend for 5 years. She kept me active with walks and trips to the stores and dog park. I recently got a puppy and will be starting training 1/8. One day at a time and I am not a patient person. God, last night I screamed at him asking him where he is . . . this world is in tatters. Seems everyone is looking for a savior.

Hello or bonjour, Nanette. I'm a Christian, a follower of Christ and his teaching. Let me be your friend.
Tell me about yourself. What do you love? What or who inspires you and lifts your spirit, that is, who you are?
I would like to be your friend.