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Greetings and a happy new year wish to you. I didn't tell my doctor about suicidal ideation because I don't want to be forced into a hospitalization. I won't kill myself, but not staying alive for myself, but do not want to leave my husband, children and grandchildren that way. My nightmares were dealt with by being prescribed Prazosin which is a high blood pressure medicine that is given to veterans experiencing nightmares and who have PTSD. This never worked for me, in fact, made my nightmares worse, like horror story type dreams. I asked to be tapered due to a move to another state where, even though benzos are type 4 medications, they might be impossible to be prescribed by a doctor here. I didn't even try because I don't want to be labeled a drug addict.

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Linda, Until a couple of days ago, I felt exactly the way you do: staying alive not for my sake but the sake of a couple of people in my life. I "question God" just about every night, asking Him why was I born in the first place. I feel so lonely, so isolated, yet my neighborhood is small, In my neighborhood just about everyone goes to church on Sunday yet practically no one says "hello" to me; when I get angry I am reminded of what Gandhi said as to why he did not become a Christian; his answer? "I probably would have become one had I known one".