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kammcn (@kammcn)

Anastrozole before surgery

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Hi kammcn @kammcn

I had similar situation. I was diagnosed with 2.5 cm mass tumor in breast and biopsy confirmed positive of one lymph node. Stage II.

My pre-surgery endocrine therapy was offered as part of a research project. I signed up for two reasons:
1. It would shrink tumor
2. I had 6 months to prepare for surgery. Though I would take time to be in best condition I could prior to surgery.

I could of declined the pre surgery option and had surgery right away.

Here is official site of study:
The pre-surgery endocrine therapy was working, part way thru they did another biopsy and KI-67 2% decrease from 16% . They actually did not talk much about size of tumor.

I was on anastrozole and hated side effects, but stuck out the entire 6 months.

I had surgery at end of 6 months, and I was so ready. Waiting 6 months is stressful. I was better prepared but the last month was full of anxiety. I just wanted it out !

I stopped the anastrozole a week before surgery.

Results from surgery showed the tumor was slightly smaller. I had breast conserving surgery, tumor removed left breast, small pre-cancers spot removed from right breast and found two lymph nodes that tested positive on left side. Those were only two removed.

Do you have option of another surgeon for 2nd opinion who will work with you?

After, surgery, chemo and radiation I refused anastrozole due to side effects. I then tried different Ais with side effects. But everyone response different to Ais.

Good luck

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Your story was very much the same as mine. Almost identical. I am 68 and quality of life was most important after the side effects literally crippled me. I am 2 years out now, stopped the AIs after 6 months, and feeling better than I ever have. I can move freely, with just my fingers still stiff and unusable, but the tradeoff to a drugfree life and excellent diet have made me happy again. I wish continued health to you!!!

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