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I had a total hip replacement 6 months ago. I am having so much pain in the middle of my thigh. I can barely walk. And my doctor acts like I'm crazy! Thought about going to another surgeon… Please Help!!!

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Hello, it is difficult to live with pain, especially after a surgery that was supposed to make you feel better.
When you say "pain in the middle of my thigh" can you be a little more specific and describe where – front, back, inner or outer side? How near the hip, and how far does it extend? What does the pain feel like? Is it tingling, burning, stabbing, aching? How long has it been going on? Did the surgeon take any images when you started having the pain?

Wow, that's a lot of questions. But a better description will help those of us who have had joint replacement surgery offer suggestions about the next steps. Those of u on Mayo Connect are all patients ourselves and can relate to the frustration you feel when something goes wrong and nobody seems to want to listen.

Please share some more information so we can help you find an answer.

I’ve had a hip replacement & rev., my mom had a hip replacement 7 or 8 yrs ago. She has pain in her thigh as well. I had it briefly, off & on. Her Dr. told her it was from the stem…hers was a little longer than what they had intended to use…but they used what they had & that is what they say is causing her pain