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Anybody hear of Wharton's Jelly?

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I had both hips replaced a year and a day between the two. Made life bearable. Now my left knee is begging for relief. I am 73 and had polio as an infant. Totally paralyzed from it. The pain in the knee keeps me too sedentary and the older we get the more risk anesthesia causes brain fog which may not go away. Have your surgeries from a competent surgeon and spare yourself pain, worry, and immobility. Best to you. Would be skeptical about whartons jelly if I had seen the ad.

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Yes, I looked up the info provided here about Wharton's Jelly and am not convinced it's safe for me to use, no matter what the providers say right now. I've had several operations (starting about 60 years ago because someone knocked me down in a h.s. basketball game and my knee got damaged — that started it all, had an operation to remove part of the cartilege (that's what I remember they said). It was "ok" for some years after that (I was young) but when I was in my 30's the knee would swell up and they would extract fluid from it. That's what they did back then. That hurt when they did that, also I would get cortisone injections from time to time. The doctor 'kindly' said [sarcasm here] that I would be crippled by the time I was 50. OK, I lasted until about 10 years ago or so when my hip must have been sympathetic with my dear knee, even though it appeared to be stronger than my left leg. Anyway — I've been holding off having an operation because I'm — scared. HOWEVER, the quality of my life is so bad that I can't keep putting it off. As I said, I finally went to a recommended surgeon here who said in order for him to operate I'd need to get my pressure down. So I'm working on that. I'm also having thyroid problems, so — it may be I won't be able to have an operation, I'll keep working on it. Thanks for your experience. It always helps to hear from others. When you say you are totally paralyzed from polio as an infant, what do you mean? I know someone who is in my age category who contracted polio as a child and has one leg smaller than the other. But how are you doing?
Yes, if I could bear the pain and could do daily chores I would not consider the operation. But –

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