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For what it is worth, this afternoon I was eating candy that a neighbor brought to me, she had made it herself and, within less than 5 minutes, I felt stressed, depressed, did not know why, but I remembered that the same thing happened to me yesterday after I ate so much candy and washed them with orange juice. So I looked up on the Internet what were the side effects of too much candy, too much juice. I looked up both on the English site and the French site… the side effect of candy and too much juice is diabetes, the side effects of diabetes who goes untreated: depression, anguish, fatigue, stress, high blood pressure… all of which I have. My general practitioner had mentioned that I was borderline diabetic but NEVER SUGGESTED THAT I SEE A SPECIALIST. Tonight, I ate a salad, had no juice, no wine, and went walking (3 miles). I already feel a little better. So, as I said above, do the research and see for yourself; I will call a specialist Monday.

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@nannette2022, I am happy that you have joined Mayo Connect. I want to say, "Welcome" and "Thank you" , for researching and sharing what you learned about the Mayo brothers.
I commend you for being alert and listening to your body when you had eaten too many sweets. I am happy that you are feeling better and that you took a walk and enjoyed a healthy meal. It is especially easy for me to overdo sweets, especially during a holiday.
I am not surprised that your general practitioner did not send you to a specialist when he said you were borderline diabetic. I am, however, disappointed tht he did not discuss it with you and give you some dietary information.
Where I live (KY), it can take months to get an appointment with a specialist unless it is an emergency referral from a primary care/general practitioner. Nannette, have you had a checkup with your general practitioner recently? I think that this is a good time to schedule an appointment and tell him what you experienced yesterday and today. Then ask him about borderline diabetes. He might want to monitor your possible condition more closely. If you have someone to go with you to be an extra set of ears?
Here is a link to the discussion Group about Diabetes & Endocrine System .

@nanette2022 Right on!! I usually have a very simple breakfast, a salad lunch, and a proper full meal evenings. Works well for me. oldkarl

@nannette2022, I’m very sorry you’re borderline diabetic, but it’s great that you’re in tune with your body and wanting to make change. I haven’t eaten refined sugar in a number of years. But, when I had a liver transplant and started researching the impacts of my meds, I found that one of them makes me at a high risk of diabetes,

For about a year now, I’ve adopted a pretty strict low carb diet. Very seldom do I have pasta, potatoes, white flour, processed foods, etc. I also have peripheral neuropathy and a couple autoimmune diseases, so my diet, along with walking and exercise, has helped with these issues as well,

It isn’t an easy diet, especially if you have to work, as cooking certainly requires more time. But, planning can help. And, the rewards will be great! There’s a lot of information, videos, etc. available on diabetes diets. I hope you can get into see an endocrinologist soon to discuss a path forward. Best wishes and be strong!

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