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I was on Creon this year and did not help??
I wasn’t prescribed anything. I think of a 101 questions I would like to ask the Dr now. My husband &/I were so shocked sitting down with Dr and he just said “ they can’t find the reason, except Idiopathic Chronic Pancreatitis “ He told us when he has to give news like he did to me, that some people actually wish the Drs could even say “ you have cancer”
I related…..at that time at least.
No meds, no management plan…..
I was so concerned about my weight loss and no appetite. I thought “ I will just deal with the pain”. Tho that is much easier said than done. My my weight loss is so troubling & I know I can’t keep losing weight & not eating! I loss 32 lbs in 7 weeks & Im a fairly small person so it is really bad.
Medical marijuana is legal but one I of my Drs is against & do random drug tests, and I have to see him because he manages a Nerve disease I have, Reflex Symphetic Dystrophy ( RSD)
Now I just don’t know what do to do. We felt like Mayo was our last hope and came back home a week later stunned we have no answers nor guidance
Do I just keep going to the hospital to be admitted when I have a Pancreatic attack???

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It's your body and if Medical marijuana helps why not try it . You will never know until you try something it can't hurt you any worst then what you are going through.