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Post Knee replacement mobility

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Thanks Chris, It sounds like you have a few more issues going on if you have hyperextention as well as scar tissue. It must be tough. I believe that it is scar tissue I have as my knee is VERY numb and it is now extending to my foot so it feels like my foot hard like a board. The same feeling as I had post surgery 2 years ago. I will be calling to find a MFR therapist tomorrow morning. Thanks for pointing me in that direction. From what I can understand from what I’ve read it sounds like it is the “fascia” connective tissue that is so tight and needs to be broken up but that’s just my “lay “ persons analysis of things. I’ll see what the Physio says. I also understand that there is no test at all that shows the fascia tissue so it’s just from the trained eye ( or feel ) of the therapist.
It’s tough to accept your limitations as you get older ( just turned 69) and I though a new knee meant I could do anything. This has taught me a lesson. I’ll let you know if therapy works ( hopefully).
Thanks again!

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Good evening @reesa. You are absolutely correct. Fascia is the connective tissue. It can "layer up" and become restrictive which is what I think you are feeling as "tight". Good luck with MFR.

May you have peace and ease.

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