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Post Knee replacement mobility

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Good afternoon @reesa, Thanks for your response. Unfortunately. I do not have a General Comments area. You can just go ahead and reply to my post. Regarding MFR therapy, the scar tissue took 4 sessions and the hyperextension about 2 months. Usually, those areas take about 20 minutes of a therapy hour. I am now trying to get my left thigh to calm down. We are on week three of that problem.

Please remember that I have two MFR sessions a week just to keep the chronic pain under control while trying to keep these specific areas quiet. Where do you want to start? What area is the least responsive to medication or treatments?

May you have peace and ease.

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Thanks Chris, It sounds like you have a few more issues going on if you have hyperextention as well as scar tissue. It must be tough. I believe that it is scar tissue I have as my knee is VERY numb and it is now extending to my foot so it feels like my foot hard like a board. The same feeling as I had post surgery 2 years ago. I will be calling to find a MFR therapist tomorrow morning. Thanks for pointing me in that direction. From what I can understand from what I’ve read it sounds like it is the “fascia” connective tissue that is so tight and needs to be broken up but that’s just my “lay “ persons analysis of things. I’ll see what the Physio says. I also understand that there is no test at all that shows the fascia tissue so it’s just from the trained eye ( or feel ) of the therapist.
It’s tough to accept your limitations as you get older ( just turned 69) and I though a new knee meant I could do anything. This has taught me a lesson. I’ll let you know if therapy works ( hopefully).
Thanks again!

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