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Tales of my imminent demise

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Well, ok, Pfhew after releasing the pearls I was clutching too tightly at my throat while reading this, I can finally breathe again. You are a gifted writer, making this reader feel an enormous range of emotions! My eyes were wide in horror! Then tears and giggles, sadness and absolute understanding of your own range of emotions after being given a time clock about to expire.

Unfortunately we’re all given one of those clocks, except we don’t have the actual date of expiration. It can be a mixed bag, knowing. I had exposure to that almost 3 years ago. “Get your affairs in order” is basically the same ‘condition report’ on the state of the body clock. It was winding down.

For most, being given the head’s up that “your demise is eminent” there’s a paradigm shift in thought and time management. Once we assimilate to this new time frame we’ve been handed, those of us who have a spirit of endurance gather our wits and have a plan of attack. We live each day to the fullest, we avoid negativity. Priorities change and we spend time doing what we can to ease the loss of our passing. I was more worried for what my family would be going through which prompted many of my actions.
However, in my case, better living through chemistry. My clock got a new set of inner workings and it’s been reset. Though it doesn’t mean the main spring won’t go oingo boingo at any moment and then it’s a surprise ending. Until then, Mark Twain’s comment “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”, come to mind.

Thank you for sharing your last year. Your clock has certainly taken a licking, and I hope it keeps on ticking, for many years to come. You’re too amazing to have a premature demise. Careful with that tap dancing, you could and fall! ☺️

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Thanks for the support Lori, you know the feelings.

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