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Oral Lichen Planus After Pfizer Covid Vaccines?

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I'm so sorry that you're going through this! I had already been dealing with Erosive oral Lichen Planus for over a year when I got my first 2 Covid vaccines, so I really didn't notice if there was any change in anything. Shortly after that I was put on Prednisone, (for what ended up being 3 months!), so I couldn't get my booster. My Dermatologist tried Prednisone along with a couple other things that didn't help at all, and then I asked about Triamcinalone. (This is going to sound COMPLETELY insane, and if you want to write me off as a total wacko, that's okay, but read this first……One of my cats had Feline Stomatitis which is very similar to Erosive Oral Lichen Planus. I took him to the Vet every 3-4 months for FOUR YEARS for long-acting injections of different medications. He couldn't eat, and he screamed when he drank his liquid diet. One time I took him to a different Vet, and that Vet gave him something totally different — He gave him an injection of DepoMedrol [Methylprednisolone – VERY similar to Prednisone] and an injection of Vetalog [Triamcinolone]. My cat has not been back to the vet for over a year and a half, he's doing fine, and he's eating canned cat food AND dry cat food, and he's a happy, healthy boy!) SO, I told my Dermatologist that I wanted to try ONLY Prednisone and Triamcinalone. She kept me on Prednisone and put me on Triamcinolone Paste, and the ulcers started getting smaller & smaller……..and now they're gone! That being said, I've been off of the Prednisone for almost 2 weeks now, and there's a good chance that the ulcers may come back —— I hope not, but most of the things I've read say that they probably will…..I guess time will tell. Now I'm wondering if it will cause them to come back when I finally get my Covid booster. I was told that I could get it 2 weeks after I finish my Prednisone. Hmmm……. Anyway, you might want to try Triamcinalone Paste on your ulcers. It's kind of strange stuff — it's tricky to put it where you want it and get it to stay there! I use it right before I go to bed, and I try to find time during the day to take a short nap, or at least lie down for 30 minutes to 'hold my mouth still' so the medication has time to work.
I hope this info might help you a little…….good luck!

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Thank you so much for the information. I just finish Methylprednisolone dose pack 4 days ago, my ulcers are getting better but they are not completely gone. I 'm so worried the ulcers may come back . I will ask my oral surgeon about Triamcinolone Paste. Thanks again and please keep me posted .

@mskatrina12 Hello Kathy. Thankyou for that hopeful tip for we suffering OLP victims. I've had mine since December 2020 and 2 or 3 doctors have tried EVERYTHING. But I hadn't been to my Vet yet! Lol.
I developed Giant Cell Arteritis in March, 2019, lost the vision in my right eye, and had massive doses of Prednisone. Was finally prescribed Actemra , an immunosuppressant developed specifically for GCA. I was on weekly Actemra injections for one year, but am now getting injections every two weeks. It's vastly easier on my body than Prednisone was.
I'm sure going to suggest Triamcinolone Paste for my painful OLP at my next doctor consult!
I presently live at an Assisted Living seniors' residence but am transferring next Wednesday, Dec. 22nd, to a Long Term Care facility with lots of medical care, so I'll start there with your experience once I get settled. Hope is on the horizon!
Warmest wishes, Laurie

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