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ONIVYDE irinotecan liposome

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I am reading about clinical trial eligibility. Is this something y’all did on your own or did the doctor help with that? If not, how do you know which is best for the biomarkers a person has. My husband has stage IV pancreatic cancer and was diagnosed in June 2021 with start of 5flu with oxiplatin and irinatican which did not shrink tumors but did not allow much growth either. He has had about 3 cycles of Gemzar/Abraxane and it does not make him as sick. They just added cisplatin to the mix. He’s 62 and is in good shape-other than being sick from chemo and losing about 40 lbs. He’s a fighter and has a good attitude but this stuff is rough. I wish y’all the best. Hopefully they will come up with something that will cure this awful mess.

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Here is a great source for trial info, Pancreatic Cancer Action Network,


@cindysavant As posted above pancan.org can help. If you have DNA analysis of biopsies, they'll review them and identify appropriate trials. Depending on where you live, you can also contact a National Cancer Institute Research Center (there are 71 in the US) and get screened there.

To answer your question, we have done all of the above. At Johns Hopkins, they automatically identified trials for us when they completed the DNA analysis. Our local oncologist needs to be handed trials we've identified for his review. When we went to the Moffitt Cancer Center they also identified trials and picked one we should explore.

Good luck and prayers for your husband. Cisplaten is very rough. My wife had 9 treatments with oxalyplaten and 10 with cisplaten and the side effects are very rough.

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