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I loved reading your above comments. I would enjoy reading a book about your care of your Mother with Alzheimer’s. I also cared for my Dad with Alzheimer’s while raising two toddlers we had adopted . What a rollercoaster and I can totally relate to your ups and downs.

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@luraew4 and all…How did you do it with toddlers? This was in the '90s, i owned a gift/home decor/collectibles shop for 10 years, ran by myself. Had 5+ employees, buying trips from Jacksonville to Atlanta and New York, visited Mom on the way home from work, every day for 6 years in Assisted Living/Memory unit, until I had a melt-down. Total melt-down. Sold the business, broke my heart. My son flew in and helped me and contacted the other family, 2 brothers who had offered little help to me or Mom. What is it with brothers?

Actually, that's the reason I think I have the colonoscopies so often and the multiple growths, the forest of polyps as the doc said. I let most of my health issues wait until I was no longer helping Mom and had the shop. Also, waited longer until my son, who became disabled during that time, was under better care and pain control….then, I went to Mayo for help.

Wonder sometimes what would have happened, could I have improved my aging process, enjoyed my friends who were many at the time and we got together often until I couldn't due to Mom's needs and my health/reduction in energy…What a time. Roller-coasters were galore. Internal pain, emotional pain, and enormous stress all took their toll on me. No time to meet a life partner. Just no time for me.

Well, I've learned to accept what is and what was. Don't like it often, but it's past and over and we all did what we needed at the time. Now, I still do the same, but I'm putting my needs equal to my son's, almost. and, Mayo has indeed saved my life my sanity, given hope. What a gift!

I hope you came through your experience with your dad and are doing well now.

I'm finding this experience meeting on Connect is the best and biggest gift of all. What lovely folks I've met who have willingly and lovingly shared with me. guided me to good resources and helpful friendly sharing of themselves. What a great day!
Blessings to you. elizabeth

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