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Does medical marijuana work for chronic pain?

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Oh my I’m so glad you elaborated on your CBD/THC dosing. That is so awesome that you can go to the doctor and get it!

When I told my acupuncturist I was using 25 mg of CBD once or twice a day, she told me the amount of CBD I am using is what she would give to a pet!

I have been buying my oil from Charlottes Web, which is a good brand, but it’s a minute amount compared to what is prescribed by medical marijuana providers. I buy the oil with the highest amount of CBD and it’s not much.

Good to know I am probably wasting my time and money on that amount. I am exploring the possibility of getting CBD tinctures from the acupuncture provider that are more concentrated.

Thanks for uncovering some of the mysteries of medical marijuana. Those of us in states where it is illegal or where medical use only
has recently been passed are clueless. It is hard to find information on the web about this. Hope that changes soon as more people are using it for pain management and more states are passing legislation to allow it.

Thanks again and I think you are one feisty southern lady!

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@jetsetter, @artscaping, and all…There is a delightful woman who guided me through my MM learning 'trip' and really led me to try tincture. She been using for pain, etc. for years and I think can help you with better info. Chris Trout, @artscaping. and @johnbishop.
Blessings, elizabeth

You should be able to buy online a CBD product that is “full spectrum” which means it contains less than 0.3% of THC which meets the federal government guidelines for legal. Since MM is not legal in your state this might be more beneficial. I did a Google search and much higher strength products are available online other than CW.

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