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Does medical marijuana work for chronic pain?

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I don't necessarily agree with your comment that THC works best for pain. It may work best for your pain but are you speaking of THC plus CBD or THC alone? I've tried the highest THC I could buy and I've been using marijuana since I was 16 yo and it did not stop my pain. But higher CBD with lower THC did. Read my prior entry on Chronic Pain feed.

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@jenatdky and others…I have some relief with CBD alone, with general pain, but mostly with the pain I have caused by anxiety and stress I think; That's the way it appears to me, Last year, I tried the combination, 1X1, and found the best relief I've had in 20-30 years. I use it at night and sleep quite well unless the leg/feet/hips/back pains are worse from overdoing. Then, I usually add the 1/1 lotion and/or add a Robaxin or Voltaren cream to help with the topical pain level. I've been known to take a spray of Thc or add 1/2 dropper of tincture in the middle of the night. That calms my issues pretty well, of course, added to my regular medications.
Yes, I read several of your posts on the pain site. I'm relaying my personal experiences. I never used marijuana in college…wasn't around in HS. Wasn't interested in trying something that would alter my mind…didn't drink much alcohol either, unless it tasted good and not for a numbing effect or buzz. Not my thing. But now, I rely on MM for real, serious help.
blessings, elizabeth

You probably built up a resistance to it. I used medical marijuana for pain when the neurologists wanted to prescribe opioids. It was a while ago and in doing my due diligence I spoke with a number of doctors in CA where it had been legal for a while.
The pain was so bad I could not sleep. I was 35 with uncontrollable blood pressure and cholesterol. Was told by Northwestern University Hospital I would be lucky to live until I was 45. The dope took care of the pain, got full night's rest, no longer needed blood pressure or cholesterol medicine.
The doctors didn't connect the dots and completely blew the diagnoses. (This is not my only negative experience with doctors as they have been taught for years now diagnosing "most probable outcome" so the people outside the center of the bell-shaped curve receive poor medical instruction. The big exception for me was my cardiologist and heart surgeon. They were spectacular.)

Medical marijuana works with muscle pain, it does not help nerve pain – I know this from experience as well.

In time vaping marijuana no longer provided relief for me. What I did find out was creating medical marijuana in a coconut-based form adding DMSO and then cream that I applied to my muscles from waste down.

It helped for a while but I had to replace it with CBD, which I am still using. This does not help the nerve pain that runs the length of my muscles fibers.

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