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Does medical marijuana work for chronic pain?

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Can you double check that? The THC chocolate bars we buy are 100 mg which is 10 servings – I usually take a half serving or 5 mg.

So 250 mg would equal about 2 1/2 whole candy bars or 25 full servings.

I think this issue of units of measurement is a big problem when it comes to CBD and THC.

I’m sorry to challenge your answer, but I’m trying to get accurate information. You could very well be right, please don’t take offense.

Thanks for sharing.

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@jenatsky, @jetsetter, @athenalee,@sueinmn, and all…Hello, Jetsetter; My tincture is 250mg:250mg, CBD:THC. My dispensary sells dark chocolate/peppermint edible bar that's 100mg each. I'm not challenged at all, nor do I take these conversations personally, at least unless someone makes the mistake of being not nice about the southern states.. I might get riled up, but only briefly. We are here sharing our experiences working toward healing, sharing out personal solutions and stories; And, what works for me may not be good for you. But, we get lots of good information and suggestions as patients, going through many of the same issues.

The tincture from my dispensary comes in 150, 250, and 300mg on a 1:1 combination. Of course, they have other products that can help. I don't use vape at all, as my lungs and breathing are issues with Sarcoid, Chronic bronchitis, and more. I don't generally use edibles since I want more control over the amount I take in and I don't want any additional calories. I have eaten several in the past but really prefer tincture, under the tongue for absorption. It seems to work well for me with my health issues, ie stomach, esophageal, intestinal.

I've never had any issue with units of measurement. I hope this clarifies somewhat. I don't use CBD by itself. During the day, I use the tincture, just 1/2 dropper instead of full. I also keep a small vile of THC spray and 1 spray will reduce my pain level if needed. But, it does seem and I was told the THC and CBD do their pain jobs better when used together. I find pain relief from both, but its only worth taking it in combo for me, as I get better overall results.

There you go. Hope this helps. Just from my experiences. I love my MM and the freedom from dangerous drugs I was taking; Blessings to all…elizabeth

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