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Does medical marijuana work for chronic pain?

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Oh my! I could not do that. I am more of the "Here's what I want, show me a dozen samples and I'll choose one." Our last carpet salesman couldn't believe what an easy sale it was – he fully expected to have to go back to the showroom for more samples at least twice. Of course, he actually listened to our initial request and brought exactly what we requested…
That kind of indecision is why I quit doing custom costumes.

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@sueinmn, @luann262, @artscaping, and all…Sue, do you still have carpet? I took all my carpet out of the house after my sweet poodle had some illness before she died and ruined the carpet. Since I live in Flordai, I lean toward a cool any/everything, so have tile in my kitchen, hallway, den and wooden floors in Living/Dining room and throughout upstairs. Yes, even in bedrooms. I breath so much easier, with less dirt and dust and kitty hair/dander, but I will say now, since my housekeeper had to stop cleaning due to her health. I miss her and can't seem to find another yet. So, even wooden flooring needs dusting and cleaning. It's so much easier for me. I can't use a vaccum cleaner, but swifters are great!

We find out interesting things about our Connect friends, as time goes on and we share more. I can see how Chris, @artscaping, was drawn into design as she's an artist. You, too, are very artistic and crafty, so kind of makes sence. My issues is I've made all the decisions and even bought the fixtures and appliances and have the drapes and furntishings, I can't stay healthy long enough to get it finished or find someone who can really help do the job working within hospital stays, home or rehab, etc.
I almost feel well enough. I've had 2 sessions with my antique dealer friend to clear out my furniture storage unit. I think all the folks heading toward or in the downsizing/moving stages, will identify with this. I'm truly, for real, disposing of most of my belongings. Only keeping what really fits well, coordinates well with other furniture, fills the current need. Everything else is being sold.

BTW: I find CBD helps me relax, relieves some anxiety and such. It also helps with some pain. I suppose, logically, it's the pain caused by anxiety? But, for real pain control, I've had the best results with combination CBD/THC tincture, always at night and often a tad during the day if I need it. Does the job. And, I think they do better together, don't they, for pain control?

Blessings to all. May your pain be lessened and your heart uplifted. elizabeth

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