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Yes, I certainly have and still do. I'm 1.5 years post LH total hip replacement. My doctor asked me about it and I told him yes. It can take some time before the bone adjusts to this new foreign metal. Micro fractures can be an issue if the surgery was heavy handed. There's an x ray procedure that involves injection of a very slightly radio active agent-not toxic- that penetrates any small fractures and allowed them to be seen in the x-ray where standard x-ray wouldn't see them. An idea if the pain persists and the doc hasn't already recommended this procedure. But it can take a long time for the femur to adjust.

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Thank you for telling us about the procedure.
My friend also had pain because too large a stem implant was used. Ultimately it did cause fracture.

My surgeon actually used pediatric implants on me. Fortunately I had surgery in a hospial that did a lot of peds ortho surgeries. The images last summer showed stems and cups are still sound after 15 years.

Has the pain lessened over time?

thanks for this information. I'm going to ask my surgeon about this. I just started getting sharp pain depending on how I bend/turn. I'm 67 & there have been 5 surgeries on this site so small fractures could very well be a problem

Thank you so much for your post. I also had a small fracture that the surgeon brushed over and ran away before I could ask any questions.
Your post will help me formulate questions while I compose an email to ask for a consult.
Interesting in the I had epidurals instead of anesthetic, a day or so post op I had this sense that someone had been hammering on my hip. So the heavy handed fits.