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I hurt in my joints and muscles more than ever. I do get some relief in water. I water walk, hot tub and Epsom salt baths. But out of the water i hurt everything seems to take more physical and mental effort.

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@nant, @sueinmn, and others...Sue, I'm so sorry your daughter had such a reaction and developed Rheumatoid Arthritis. Good ole' steroids, right? They saved my life many years ago, and have saved me from the recurring Sarcoid flares and bronchitis, and such. I need them now for the joint and muscle pain.

I had the booster a couple of weeks ago and pretty severe reactions - similar to the reaction to the 2nd Moderna vaccine. Nothing from 1st shot, 2nd put me in bed for 2 days with fever, sweats, chills, headache, extreme fatigue, and extreme muscle/joint pain.

The booster, I now call it the stupid booster - was a mess for me. I had similar symptoms the evening I rec'd the shot. My skin was hot to touch, discomfort all over, chills, fever, my face was bright red, and again a severe increase in pain, both joints, and muscle.

I'm hurting now, 2 weeks later, more than I have in years. Joints and muscles. I think it caused the fibromyalgia to flare and I know it caused my arthritis to flare significantly- my shoulders, upper/lower/mid back ache, and then have debilitating pain. I'm so frustrated with this reaction! I'm so over Covid! No more for me. I'll get an annual vaccination like I do with flu but no more now.

We all have to take the measures we deem important to protect ourselves. I've done that, as I have multiply co-morbidities and know the vaccine is smart for me. But I think it's nuts to continue with more boosters or a new vaccine for every variant. It's time to get back to living. So, I'm living again, going out if I feel like it to have coffee or lunch with a friend. Hopefully, I'll begin the pool therapy again soon, which helps reduce the body pain and strengthens my muscle. I hope to begin mall walking, but, at the moment, I'm hurting too much. Only the warm pool will help now.

I reported the reactions to the Mayo Clinic Covid nurse last week. She wanted me to go to the Ed, which I refused. I called her to report symptoms for their research.

All this from the shots. I don't think I would have survived the actual virus. So, thankful for the vaccines.
Blessings to all...elizabeth