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@janovr Hello Jan. Where do you, Barb and Eva live in Central Florida? I am in Longwood and would like to meet you all! In meantime, I notice people are referencing various acronyms for our disease: MAC, NTM, MAI, MaIC, etc. I must do more research. My IDC doc, Jennifer Hitt in Altamonte, is calling what I have NTM (Nontuberculous Mycobacterial Lung Disease), which I guess is the general term? btw, they treat 45 patients with this in that office alone! Had no idea it was so prevalent!
I just ordered the Broncolin cough syrup with Propolis, thank you for that! Which of the cough drops do you recommend?

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@hsletter Hi Helen, I live in Clermont. Barb lives in Leesburg. Eva did not say where she lived. I have only lived here 8 months so am not very familiar with city names yet. I have heard of Longwood. Haha
We plan to meet again in several months and would love for you to join us!
BTW…. NTM is what we all have too! The cough drops were just the same as the cough syrup name.
Stay well! Jan

@janovr. I have a 2nd doctor into natural medicines, apart from the lung specialist. She put me on 400 mls celery juice, 30 mins before food and a supplement called SAMe and a vitamin B12 injection. I stopped coughing within 3 days after 7 months violent coughing. As of a month ago, I am now one month into the 3xantiobiotics and so far no side effects. I am also taking probiotics she prescribed morning and night on days I am not taking antibiotics. I am sleeping well. I am 75, exercising, and snoozing afternoons with a good book. I live on the Gold Coast Australia. My lung doctor is aware of the supplements I am taking.@