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I contracted C-diff after taking Clyndamycin for a dental issue. It was horrible! I truly thought I was not going to make it and neither did my husband. It has taken months to recover thoroughly. I am normally an active person who exercises 6 days a week and tries to stay healthy. This set me back immensely. I was weak for quite a while. Gradually I've improved to the point where my life has returned to "my normal". I also have a "tortuous intestine" (more intestine than needed for a person my size), which has caused me grief and constipation all my life. And actually, through this site, and sharing, I found Prunelax that has helped me more than I can say. I would never want C-diff again but I'm grateful for finding this site. When I was recovering I took pro-biotics for two months along with Miralax, (which did nothing) stool softener, etc. Nothing worked like the Prunelax. I still make sure I'm getting the proper fiber, water intake, and I am taking magnesium but I plan on dropping that when I finish the bottle. It's always a learning process and adjustments need to be made that work best for you as an individual. But as far as recovering from C- diff it took me 9 months to almost get back to the real me. I have lost 10 pounds that I can't seem to gain back and that puzzles me but I'm doing well. I hope that everyone finds what works for them. I know it can be scary and very frustrating to go through this. And initially I was just trying to survive so I understand the fear. Best wishes to all! Merry Christmas! Jacque

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Oh my goodness. Terrible. How did you get rid of the C. Diff? Flagyl, Vancomycin, Deficid? Any of these work for you?