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Estradiol Vaginal Cream

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As we age there is a decrease in an anti diuretic hormone that helps to control the amount of fluid in our bodies. When we lose most of this hormone we lose the ability to hold it until morning. Sometimes our bodies make too much urine at night. If we drink too much fluid in the evening or drink caffeine in the evening or even have chocolate, we will pee more at night. Another cause is an UTI. You can have an UTI without any of the usual symptoms and not know it. It could be medication. Our bladder muscles are weaker as we age. …we are making less estrogen. You could have restless leg syndrome or just not be a good sleeper….once you are awake, you feel the urge to go. Normally we should sleep 6 to 8 hours without having to pee. You could be dehydrated during the day and not produce enough urine to pee as much.
Let’s blame it all on the aging process.

I know if my mind is racing or I just can’t sleep,I am up and sometimes the release of urine is just a trickle. My cause is prolapse. I have, on occasion, slept 6 or 7 hours without waking up. My normal night is waking up after 2 or 3 hours…4 hours is a good stretch. I try to be conscious of what I drink or eat after 7. Last night I had an urge for hot coco and knew ….just knew…I would be awake but drank it anyway at 9 pm. Bad move but I did get to watch all the old movies on TCM. I still arise at the usual time. How much I pee during the day depends a lot on how much water I drink but I can go hours.

Good grief I hope I didn’t overshare lol.

FL Mary

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Thank you, Mary. I do not produce a lot of urine; in fact, I am dehydrated sometimes because I do not want to have to get up so many times during the night, so I don't drink enough fluids. And I don't have to go urgently, I lie there thinking, oh, no, not again. Without exaggeration, some nights/mornings, I was going to the bathroom more than 10 times, not producing much urine when I went. I have had 2 tests for a UTI; both were negative. I have seen a urologist a couple of times and boy, was that painful. She filled my bladder so full and asked me to tell her when I couldn't take it any more. She said I have a very sensitive bladder. I had an ultrasound at the local hospital to rule out kidney or other problems. The urologist said it's either the cream or taking hormones orally for some time to see if that helps. She also recommended taking melatonin with a couple of additives (I can't recall right now what they are) before bedtime to help me sleep. She is sending me info on taking the hormones; I guess it's not simple and isn't okay for everyone. The good news is that the condition has calmed down a bit to maybe 5 times a night. Don't ask me why.