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Chronic Pancreatitis/Sphinter of the oddi.

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Good morning,
I have had very similar conditions for nine years. Same same; unexplained severe pain, GB removal gave relief enough to at least eat again- but not pain free. After years of ECRPs, pancreatic duct clearing and stents, hospital stays, pain meds, acupuncture, nerve block, and finally removal of my pancreas, spleen and redirect of bile from the liver to the intestine! That surgery was my last resort, its an intense, radical procedure- but I wanted to work again, and try for at least another 20 yes. Many do not qualify for the process, and its a long haul recovering, which is painful. From 6 weeks to a year. They transplant the insulin islets of the panc. in the liver, so you are insulin dependent until the islets get rooted. I've been lucky, my glucose levels are staying in range- but, my digestion is troubled, even with creon. Eating is a mixed bag, I try to get enough protein, good carbs and fruit, but still get nausea most of the time. I'm only 8 weeks out from my surgery, so the docs ask me to be patient!
I suggest you get help from a top rated team, like the Mayo clinics, University hospitals and such. That makes a difference, the experience they offer. I have been with the Medical University of South Carolina for about 8yrs, and they are top five in Nation for the GI Surgery team. Nowhere is going to be perfect, Mayo is also very good, but scattered across the U.S. Because of the opiate problem, having pain is now a personal struggle: I use hot water bottles and Tylenol, Zofran for nausea- dill pickles are effective for digestion and nausea, or any fermented food, like sourkraut or youghurt. Distraction really helps me, writing this response took my attention away from the malaise just now! Hope you can find the way through, I like to think of pain as a sensation we feel, not a part of 'who we are'.

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Hello @misspeach

I certainly admire the proactive way you have dealt with your GI issues. It really is great that you found the best doctors in your area and have had the courage to go for this major surgery in order to feel better. This type of proactive behavior is needed by all of us who deal with chronic health problems that don't go away easily!

I'm glad to hear that your blood sugar levels have stayed in range.

Do you have a lot of personal support from family/friends or other organizations in your community?

Is Zofran and pickles enough to control your nausea?
I would also suggest ginger chews and tea, as well as The Relief Band as @astaingegerdm has suggested. They both helped me some. If what you are using isn’t adequately controlling nausea, and you need some Rx recommendations, please let me know.

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