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I have been diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer in left lower lobe, following results of a PET scan. I am to be scheduled for a lobectomy to the left lower lobe. I am wondering how long the surgery took, and how many days in the hospital. Also, I have been physically active most of my life and am also concerned that I may lose significant physical capacity. I appreciate any info from others who have undergone this surgery. It is considered curative, and I feel fortunate it was caught early.

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Good Morning,

My cancer was also in the left lower lobe, 18mm nodule. My surgery was 5 weeks ago today and I am doing well. I still have some pain but I think that is to be expected a while longer from what I have read. I have no shortness of breath and have returned to work. I have an office job so that makes it a little easier. My surgery was robotic assisted lobectomy and took about 3 hours and 45 minutes. I was in the hospital for 2 nights. I really didn’t feel ready to go home when they released me but have to admit once I got home, it was much better than being in the hospital.

Wishing you well!!


@collage– Welcome to our lung cancer group. For my second lobectomy, I left after my second night and wished that I had stayed one more night. But no, I had to go home! I think that the length of time for surgery depends on the lobe. We have three in the right lobe and two in the left lung. It depends on if you are having open chest surgery or VATS. Either can take up to 6 hours, but the longer times are due to complications.

You are very lucky that your lung cancer was caught early and being in good health and have been physically active will serve you well. You will lose some capacity for a while but will most likely get most of it back. Please read my response to @cindyjk above and others.

Recovery depends on you and how quickly you heal and if there are any complications. When is your surgery?

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