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Anybody hear of Wharton's Jelly?

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Well, Cindi, I learn something new from Connect every single day.
Certainly the concept of using umbilical cord substances to help repair our bodies sounds wonderful. I suspect there is much work to do before it is ready, but it would be exciting to get into a trial to deal with the arthritis that is attacking spine, knees, elbows, shoulders…and has already done a lot of damage to my hands and hips!

Here is a recent article that points to the fact that numerous studies are underway, but there a few if any published peer reviewed studies that I can find yet.

The FDA says these cells are human tissue, and are regulated as such and must be administered by a qualified medical professional. Currently they do not appear to have given final approval for any specific treatment. As of August 2020 they were not covered by Medicare.
As of June – August 2021, the FDA issued letters stating there were no products approved for administration outside of clinical trials.

There is one company named Regenerative Labs which recently issued notice that they have 2 FDA approved products covered by Medicare/Medicaid, but I cannot find independent corroboration.

Where did you hear about this? Are you thinking about checking further into trying it?

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I read this interesting article now about it, Sue. I still want to do some more research. https://www.drneelaminmd.com/contents/treatments/stem-cells

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