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Patti, My lobectomy was the upper right and was a Video assisted (VATS) procedure and you said your surgery was robotic. With respect to trauma to the body and recovery, I do not know if one procedure differs from the other. And also wonder if one particular lobe removed is more or less traumatic than another. I do know that one of my three incisions was much larger than the other two and hurt for a much longer period of time. I did have a shallow cough for a couple months and coughing hurts. But overall, recovery and pain is a slow and gradual process. I don't believe I will ever be my old self. This is my new normal. After two years I still have a tiny bit of chest discomfort when taking in a real deep breath and the nerves around the incisions are still tingling and a bit oversensitive. (But those now are totally overshadowed by the surgery I had on Monday. )
I do think I should have exercised more and kept my heart in shape. After a year, I seemed to be short of breath. And yes, I had less lung capacity, but cardiac testing showed my heart was fine but was in need of a better exercise routine. Hope this helps and best wishes to your continued recovery. . Thanks

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Thanks so much for your reply. I definitely am trying to get exercise in, mostly walking at this point. To date, I haven’t felt shortness of breath but I really haven’t done much other than walk yet. So will know better about that once I get back to other activity that is more strenuous. Just going to try to be more patient with the pain as it really has only been 5 weeks. I am returning to work tomorrow (office job) so maybe, that will help keep my focus on something else.

Not sure what surgery you just had but wishing you a good recovery.

I had similar issues. I had VAT surgery on right lung, but they did a wedge, and they did not need to remove entire lobe. 1) One of my incisions was longer to heal. 2) I had a shallow cough in the beginning and noticed in the fifth week that I had felt better the fourth week from surgery AND my cough had become congested. I then tested positive for Covid!!! They gave me anti-viral, and my cough immediately started to improve. My cough dried up and slowly went away. 3)I had nerve/rib pain for two months which is now gone, but I do have a soreness down the middle when I take a deep breathe 4) I got told to exercise and have started walking every day and it makes me feel better, my lungs seem clearer 5) I continue to have labored/shortness of breath, especially under exertion and wearing a mask. However, I have severe coronary artery blockage which may be responsible for my shortness of breath and am scheduled for procedure to measure and put stent. After which I intend to do something fun and be normal. I consider myself lucky that these things can be fixed.