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Thanks! I will try Alpha Lipoic Acid. Doctors can’t find anything wrong. It feels like a slight burning feeling in my buttocks, back, arms and legs mostly but really anywhere. Hard to explain the feeling. Last night it was hard to sleep. It is better some days. I now stand to work all day (computer work). That has helped. Doctors can’t see anything wrong. My last one didn’t think it is neuropathy. She said it wouldn’t come in that sudden.

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You might find the following discussion helpful - Supplement combination/effectiveness: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/supplement-combinationeffectiveness/

My pleasure to offer some rays of hope. May it help you. I take 600 mg …and sometimes a little more.

My physical therapists (whose talent seems more intuitive than MDs, in my experience) diagnosed me as having neurological vs muscular issues — long before the extensive medical testing eventually found.

I wish the branches of health could talk and appreciate each other’s talents more!!

I also find DOs vs MDs to be more helpful with neurological issues. It was via a DO that I was recommended to take ALA — and it helps.

Finally, my PTs said nerves love activity! This may be why many here are finding relief with exercise or movement (and worsening conditions after sleep or sitting). Muscular issues, OTH, need relaxation per my PTs.

I hope this helps!

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