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Ridiculous and not ok. The company, WilsonHCG, I was working for during this awful covid ordeal, put me on personal leave without pay while I lay in the hospital ICU with covid double lung pneumonia long haul. I had no idea of their decision until 30 days out form the time I was admitted to the hospital – obviously because I was so ill and unable to do anything but focus on fighting covid and surviving. After 70 days of fighting for my life (and still struggling with long haul symptoms currently) and surviving this horrid virus, I was given medical release by my physician and returned to work. The first day I returned, I received an email from the department manager that detailed ridiculous and unreachable (for any person) metrics to meet by this and that date. I literally just returned that day and still suffered from numerous long haul issues. I instinctively knew the company was setting me up for failure. Also, my first zoom meeting with the manager and supervisor was cold, non-compassionate, and they didn’t even conduct the meeting live! Instead they had their cameras off and all I could hear were their voices! Can you imagine returning to work and not having a true face to face with individuals who manage you? Then I was told I was no longer going to be paid salary and was going yo be paid hourly. What? I’ve been in HR my entire life and never treated an employee like they have me. I never heard from the company from the time I entered the hospital to the day I returned to work – never a reach out asking how I was, what could they do to help, nothing! They tout themselves as being a close ‘family’ like organization, too! I was so stressed from their treatment and bullying, I resigned that week. To me this is discrimination, harassment and non-compliance with ADA regulations (does everyone know long haulers like us are covered under the ADA rules and regulations?) I really need someone to help me enlighten this company that their treatment of me was malicious and wrongful. We need to stand up for each other – it’s horrible enough fighting for our lives then to fight for our job after we do survive is deplorable. By the way I have not missed one single unscheduled day of work in the past 15 years!

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From HHS
– Guidance on “Long COVID” as a Disability Under the ADA, Section 504, and Section 1557 https://www.hhs.gov/civil-rights/for-providers/civil-rights-covid19/guidance-long-covid-disability/index.html