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Y-90 liver cancer treatment

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My husband had Y90 left lobe liver in sept and right lobe in Oct
Going for mri dec 02 also on lonsurf chemo pills
We will see and let you know
I am engaging meeting with top liver cancer surgeon and gastro meeting today want to know why weight loss and muscle mass coupled with heartburn acid reflux symptoms and burping so we will see to determine cause. Labs also regularly
Where are u being treated

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I also have the burping n hiccups since receiving the y 90 no acid reflex I started taking enzymes with each meal helped tremendously (enzymedica) that's the brand also smaller meals more frequently. Muscle mass goes along with having low protein so I also started taking protein pills 5 with exact amino acids in them. I found a great brand just for that purpose. I will send you the name, I'm not at home. Good luck with your meeting. I have HCC 2 TUMORS in right lobe and tumors that branched off in my portal vein and in branches. They did Mayo clinic Y90 directly in liver and it spread as well into lymph node so high doses
of radiation was done for 5 day's. I finished last week Friday. I'll let you know how it goes. Have a blessed day!

Tannins, chime in with an update. I haven’t heard from you in a vary long time.

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