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Multiple autoimmune diseases

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In reply to @kathrynmc …. @migizi….I have never attempted going through my PCP for a primary care referral at Mayo….May I ask if you have extremely complicated issues you are seen there for, given my prior refusals (although I never tried going through my primary). Thx!

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I was diagnosed with Dermatomyositis with MDA5 antigen and Interstitial Lung Disease in January of this Year. Kathryn

@migizil. I understand that you’ve tried to go to Mayo for your health problems, but were turned down. You also said that you’ve never worked through your primary. This can be part of the problem. Most all specialists require a referral from the PCP. There are several reasons for this, the main one being that the specialist wants to know that the PCP is in the loop, and that the patient has not decided to see a specialist on their own. I know it can be a problem, but it’s there and we need to work with it.
Do you think you can see your PCP again and discuss your hopes of going to Mayo?