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Atypical GERD symptoms

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Hello to all with stomach issues. In early 2019 I started having night time issues with my stomach. Early in the morning, 1-3 am I would awaken to pressure in my upper stomach. If I elevated in bed, the symptom would go away. The condition worsened and I consulted doctors and had test of Enteroscopy and Bravo tests. All was good, except scope showed Hiatal Hernia and Bravo showed slight Acid Reflux. Conditon got a little worse so I got a Laparosscope "Wrap" done on my stomach in August 2019. After months of liquid and soft food diets the condition starting getting worse and remains worse now. Bravo tests, and another entroscopy show no acid reflux and no problem in the Esophagus. I has NO problems during the day, only at night when lying down, with elevated bed. Problem still occurs about 10 hours after dinner while sleeping. Pressure starts in the upper stomach, with nausea. Sitting up generally makes it subside, but about once a week it gets bad and effects me the next day for about 5 hours. I have tried PPI medications, and every kind of caulk liquid I could find. Nothing solves this problem. One doc said it could be trapped gas due to the tight "wrap" that was done. Anti gas pills help a little but none alleviate the problem.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Did you have pressure in your upper stomach due to acid reflux and/or heartburn? If it was just pressure, why did they do the wrap or what's called a Nissen Funduplication on you? I have a Nissen Funduplication with a 360 wrap and the wrap has caused so many more complications than I ever had before. It is just out right the worst decision that I have ever made in my life. This sounds like a slipped or failed Nissen, from all of the personal stories that I have read on a Facebook page called Nissen Funduplication Takedown. You would probably get some great answers to your question there, with very similar stories to yours. I had my NF 360 wrap, 5 years ago and I'm finally flying to GA to have it taken down. I have wasted 5 years of my life to this wrap and I finally had enough. Good luck to you!