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Pain And Changes In Weather...Am I Alone????

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He didn't say there was anything could be done
I have nerve damage in my lower right abdomen and pelvis, degenerative disc disease, 3 herniated discs, neuropathy, AIP, the list goes on.
A few years ago we were driving to Seattle from Kansas City, were on I80 going more southern route and there were storms all around us, I seriously thought I was dying. The pain was so intense I couldn't talk or respond to my husband when he was asking me if I was ok.
Felt like my body was shutting down. Was starting to rain and it was dark, we ended stopping for night. I was ok, but still in very serious pain. Think because we were in mountains had something to do with my reaction. Know I don't ever want that feeling again.
After that I definitely believe that the barometric pressure has a lot to do with how our body feels.
Sorry I have no answers for you.
As much as I hate to say, I live on pain pills.
I've had 14 surgeries and none of that even compares to nerve damage. I know there are others in much worse shape than I am, but there are times I wonder how I'm going to make it from one day to the next. We just have to keep going.
Take care of yourself, and have a very happy holiday.

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Thank you, Carol. I understand every word you wrote. I lived at 6,000 ft in the mountains for 23 years. It was also very dry…with humidity often below 10%. My thrills in life were taking week-long walks/hikes through different environments in different countries and areas. We encountered many different climates and terrain doing between 10 and 14 miles a day. I don't think I could do 3 miles now and I live at sea level. One good thing about trekking is that it gives you a strong cardiovascular system. One bad thing is that injuries have resulted in quite a number of surgeries. I will have my 15th orthopedic surgery on December 9. At this age (79) and in this condition, I even find yoga to be challenging.

You mention that you live on pain pills. I can no longer handle that option and have migrated to medical cannabis. I also practice mindfulness and meditation to train my brain to tolerate the discomfort of pain. I seek distractions whenever possible to keep the neuropathy from totally ruining my days.

It sounds like we both have to graciously accept the fact that making it from one day to the next is quite a commitment. What activities to you find to be the most enjoyable?

May you be free, safe, and protected from both inner and outer harm.

@wishingtobepain I felt so bad for you as I read your post. I too have a list of medical issues starting with childhood RA at a very early age so I know how frustrating it can be. I bet you won't take that trip again…lol. I too take pain medication on a daily basis but the pain never completely goes away. At 76 I have serious concerns about surgery for pinched nerves or disc issues, etc. I have several very elderly friends who had surgery and it was down hill from there. They all say, at their age, they wished they hadn't done it. My main issue is body wide nerve pain now and I know it's inflammation causing pinched nerves. We've had a really bad stretch of weather these last few weeks so the barometric pressure has been a rollercoaster. Some days are so hard to deal with. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope you have a happy holiday season and take very good care of yourself.

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