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Pain And Changes In Weather...Am I Alone????

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Thank you for the reminder about the impact of barometric pressure. For those of us with neuropathy, we can be grateful for the advanced notice. When I open my eyes in the morning, I can pretty much tell the barometric pressure. If it is high, I can jump or even leap out of bed, wanting to be outside and walking. I certainly don't want to waste a "good" day.

When I am woken up in the morning with what I call "heavy" pain in my legs and sharp pain in my hands and arms, I know that the barometric pressure is low. I try to modulate my expectations of the day to those of tolerance and minimum activity.

@wishingtobepain, do you remember what your DO might have recommended to prepare for an encounter with low barometric pressure? How do you prepare for pressure changes now?

May you be safe, protected, and free from inner and outer harm?

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He didn't say there was anything could be done
I have nerve damage in my lower right abdomen and pelvis, degenerative disc disease, 3 herniated discs, neuropathy, AIP, the list goes on.
A few years ago we were driving to Seattle from Kansas City, were on I80 going more southern route and there were storms all around us, I seriously thought I was dying. The pain was so intense I couldn't talk or respond to my husband when he was asking me if I was ok.
Felt like my body was shutting down. Was starting to rain and it was dark, we ended stopping for night. I was ok, but still in very serious pain. Think because we were in mountains had something to do with my reaction. Know I don't ever want that feeling again.
After that I definitely believe that the barometric pressure has a lot to do with how our body feels.
Sorry I have no answers for you.
As much as I hate to say, I live on pain pills.
I've had 14 surgeries and none of that even compares to nerve damage. I know there are others in much worse shape than I am, but there are times I wonder how I'm going to make it from one day to the next. We just have to keep going.
Take care of yourself, and have a very happy holiday.

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