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Multiple autoimmune diseases

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I have multiple diseases and wrote to Mayo asking for appointment with Primary Care Department thinking they would play quarterback and direct me to physicians to see.Surprise.Answer was that no one could see me.Lesson learned, I guess is to contact doctor who is specialist in particular ailment. However, this would mean seeing about 5 physicians. Since my underlying disease is autoimmune, I thought a generalist would think about what was happening in my body and perhaps come to some creative conclusion which would
then send my in the proper direction. Great disappointment since Mayo is one of the greatest medical centers in the world. It seems that no one looks at the patient as a whole anymore. We are split into separate pieces and often physicians don't maintain contact with each other which would help solve what's happening. Perhaps I'm just repeating what was said more briefly right before my post. But in the ancient days, internists did this sort of thing. Great strides have been made, but someone needs to think about the whole person. Each disease is not happening on its own. Good luck to all of us with multiple problems.

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I was seen at Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN in September of this year. I asked my Primary Doctor to call the Mayo Clinic Physicians referral line at 1-800-533-1564 to help get me a referral. My Doctor did this, then I was contacted by Mayo Clinic. I had to set up a Mayo Clinic account, then they sent me forms to fill out online to determine whether or not they would take my case. This was at the end of June, so it took three months to get my appointment, and I am grateful to been seen at Mayo, it is an amazing place. Kathryn

Hello @petuniamom567 How terribly disappointing to be turned down by Mayo Clinic. I’m sure you had your heart set on getting some answers. Unfortunately, Mayo is not able to see everyone. Many times they feel that the patient can get good care at home. It can be very difficult to accept, but it’s true.
You said that your underlying disease is autoimmune, but that you have other problems going on and no one can figure them out. You would probably like a team of doctors? Have any of your doctors explained why they can’t do this for you?
I would really like to see you get some help. Is there a university hospital near you that might be able to provide a team approach?

In reply to petuniamom567….@migizii…I also tried a few times over the years for this approach to no avail at Mayo, Rochester. I was told I must work with my PCP at my home location, which in my opinion does not serve as useful a purpose when your specialists are there.