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@gabrielm Thank you! Amazingly delightful. I could bombard you with many questions about these creative carvings. I will stick with I am impressed and then some.

@gabrielm It's nice to know a bit more about you! I have a set of carving tools, but haven't used them in years. I did carve and gold leaf some picture frames, but that takes a very long time. If you love fishing in a mountain stream, I wouldn't be surprised to see some of those fish swim into your creations.... and you're right, creating is very therapeutic! I highly recommend it.

The little guy in the denim jacket is wonderful! Did someone inspire you to create him?

Nice to “connect” with you Gabe. Thanking you for sharing and your volunteer work as a mentor. Your carvings are amazing! I especially love the carving of the man! So detailed. Someone you know?

Albuquerque is a great city and fab food…especially green chili!

Gabe - I love your carvings - how do you find the time as a busy young Dad, husband, worker & volunteer Mentor? I am awed.
Did you know that many of the mentors are passionate artists - painters, photographers, musicians and other media?

@colleenyoung I wonder if anyone has thought about the common personality traits that must lead us down these unique paths, as well as seeming to be passionate about animals and nature?

Please keep showing us your work - especially the ornaments for your daughters!