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@jammer Hello. Welcome to our group. I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. It can be a scary thing; but the more you learn about it; the less scary it is. Unfortunately, Florida is listed as one of the seven 'hot-spots' for mac in our country. I caught mine in Arizona, another hot-spot. Have you had a chance to read about topics on our Discussion Board? It is located on the Mac and Bronchiectasis group home site.There is a post on how people catch mac and then another one on how to avoid infection or re-infection once you are rid of it. If you need help locating that, please let me know. I can tell you this: after you have worked through the natural steps of denial, anger, acceptance, etc. concerning this disease, it will take an attitude 'agreement'. By that, I mean a good mind-set. For me, it was a decision that I was NOT going to be that sick person. (it could be a healthy form of denial). Getting a great doctor is key to treating this infection. In my opinion and that of @alleycatkate, @auntnanny and @america; we think that Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville is THE place to go for the best treatment. How are you feeling now? Are you having many symptoms?

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Yes could you steer me to that page. I thought I caught mine in china in 2009 and now I took a cruise last month again and it is back. Thanks, Ellen

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