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@xfirerose Hi there. Welcome to our group. I have never heard of that term 'CVID', but, I know that having immunodeficiencies are frought with all kinds of complications. It is not easy, I know. I, myself, am prone to catching every weird or a rare kind of thing. I have bronchiectasis along with several other lung diseases. I have had mac and pseudomonas. I test negative now. Of mac, since 2013. Of pseudomonas, since 2016. Just know that when you have bronchiectasis, you can be suseptible to these two common bugs. I never did the 'Big 3' antibiotics, but am on monthly maintenance antibiotic regimen. As long as we have bronchiectasis, we will be prone to infections. Or least, that is my understanding of it. What does having CVID entail? What is living with that like?

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windwalker here is a link that briefly explains CVID. I get immuniglobulins every 3 weeks like Victoria in the story. Now that I have bronchiectasis and MACI am even more susceptible. I live in Las Vegas, NV. MAC is getting more common here. I wanted to go to Mayo in Scottsdale for treatment but my insurance said I can't get coverage there. I have to go to UCLA. I am always anxious about even getting a cold. Things have gotten much worse for me I guess.

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