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I live in Leesburg in central Fl. I just learned 3 days ago about my MAC he is going to do a bronco next week to get a sample from my lungs to see how bad mine is. My heart doctor found my problem while doing xray of my heart. I have never had any problems so this would not have been found yet if not for my heart doctor. Thank God. My pulmonologist will send me to Gainesville for treatment. This I am so worried about all the side affects. I moved to my dream retirement spot and now I learn Florida is making me sick. Don't that suck. Thanks for the info and God bless you, the doctors don't tell you all so we have to ask questions from those that have been there. Pat

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I recently went to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville! I saw a really good doctor there and he did a bunch of testing and I was well pleased with my visit. It’s a really great place to go visit and the doctors are amazing. If there’s a way that you go up there and see a pulmonologist it would be good because they give you the best choice of medication. But that’s not the only place to visit. It’s just I waited for so long and I did not want the treatment! But when I join this group I really got helped and I also learned about Mayo Clinic. I am sure it will get a little better every day. Hugs Rita