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Post Covid eye disorder

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@daviddennis123, I add my welcome to @lynnryan's. David, what do you find relieves your sensitivity to light? Are there situations that make the sensitivity worse?

Lynn, I'd like to introduce you to @rwinney (Rachel) who has also been to Mayo's Pain Rehabilitation Clinic. She, too, manages from eye issues. I was looking at treatment suggestions for convergence insufficiency on Mayo Clinic's site here https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/convergence-insufficiency/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20352739
Pencil pushups, what a cute name. But I bet it takes a lot of patience to do eye exercises and even more patience to see results.

Are you doing at-home vision therapy or a combination of therapist-led therapy and at home exercises? What exercises do you like?

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Closing my eyes is the most helpful.l stay inside most of the time when the sun is out. Watching tv or looking at my phone for short periods is about it. I use Ilevro drps and various wetting drops. A new Refresh product with flaxseed oil for relief of dryness.
Doc says he sees nothing wrong with my eyes except I have glaucoma and the drops I use for that all have a preservative that is more irritating post Covid, so I have reduced some of them per docs advice. This has helped with discomfort but not fog and blurring. Before Covid, I only had fog. Blurring is new and it is debilitating .
I use special clip on lens to help filter harmful tv and phone rays.They help a little.
I am almost 84, living with two yellow labs
Not much fun, but the Lord is my Shepherd!

I’m doing Vision Occupational therapy, as well as exercises they give me at home. A lot of the exercises make me dizzying based on my other symptoms. There is an exercise using a “Brock String”, which I feel has helped some. Also bouncing and catching a ball feels more like fun. 🙂

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