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Post Covid eye disorder

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I have the same thing. I have found a few people who have it too, but doesn’t seem to be as prevalent as the other symptoms. I’ve been to a lot of eye docs, even at Mayo, and they all say my eyes are healthy, though I did develop convergence insufficiency pot COVID, as well as fibromyalgia, and other symptoms. They have tried steroid drops, serum tears, and no relief. I can only work on any electronic device for less than an hour without developing dizziness, nausea, and stabbing right eye pain. Same thing happens when I drive, even with special tinted lenses. I’ve been doing vision therapy but it hasn’t really helped. Just finished attending Mayo Clinic’s 3 week Pain Rehabilitation Clinic. I learned alot. No cure, but has given me some new tools to hopefully improve my quality of life. Would recommend to anyone experiencing chronic symptoms, doesn’t have to be only pain.

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@daviddennis123, I add my welcome to @lynnryan's. David, what do you find relieves your sensitivity to light? Are there situations that make the sensitivity worse?

Lynn, I'd like to introduce you to @rwinney (Rachel) who has also been to Mayo's Pain Rehabilitation Clinic. She, too, manages from eye issues. I was looking at treatment suggestions for convergence insufficiency on Mayo Clinic's site here https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/convergence-insufficiency/diagnosis-treatment/drc-20352739
Pencil pushups, what a cute name. But I bet it takes a lot of patience to do eye exercises and even more patience to see results.

Are you doing at-home vision therapy or a combination of therapist-led therapy and at home exercises? What exercises do you like?

@lynnryan Hello there fellow PRC'er. Congratulations on graduating the pain rehab program! It sure was enlightening and changed my life in many ways beyond just pain management that I never anticipated. I'm happy to know you feel the same.

Yes, I have had light sensitivity since before I had cornea transplants and cataracts surgeries, about 11 years now. After the surgeries it intensified which I now understand was an upregulation of central sensitization syndrome (CSS). I passed on the eye exercises when they were offered to help with my secondary cataract. Instead I had YAG laser done and it helped. My sensitivity remains from central sensitization but now I use my PRC (pain rehab center) tools to help control and work with it. The 20/20/20 rule helps and graded exposure is important.

It sounds like you know the tools to help with your dizziness and eyes, and are doing the best you can. Me too. What were your biggest takeaways from attending PRC? In what ways has your quality of life improved?

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