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Blood clot in heart

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Hi, Jim (@thankful). I'm weighing in with a positive answer to your question about a clot developing in my heart. I'm on Coumadin for several years after a diagnosis of A-fib, and four years ago, a small clot developed in my heart (the atrium, upper chamber) and took a trip into my brain where it got caught and caused a "small stroke." The incident happened after my blood coagulation dropped unexpectedly, rose again when my medical team convinced me to skip my daily Coumadin dose for two days. No trouble since then. I remain asymptomatic in A-fib and regularly (faithfully) take my anticoagulant and have my blood checked in the lab every other month. I expect to be on Warfarin (10 mg daily) indefinitely to prevent a recurrence of my stroke. There are treatments for A-fib that could get me off the drug, but my status is so steadily reliable without much inconvenience that I don't feel the need for surgery to give me a permanent fix, as it has for three of my friends. As long as I remember my Coumadin and my lab tests, I'm good to go. Martin

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@predictable- Martin, so good to hear from you and thank you for sharing your experience with Coumadin.
Just for my clarity sake did you say that your blood coagulation dropped because your medical team asked you to skip your daily dose for two days and that is when you had a TIA?
I'm currently not experiencing any A-Fib and I will know this Thursday if my INR falls in the range we've been trying to find for over a month.
Glad to here you are satisfied with your team and what you are taking and a "steadily reliable" state is Wonderful!!
I will stay in touch with you as I jump through a few more hoops!
I always appreciate you candid and sage advise or simply sharing your life with all of us!
Thanks Much! Jim @thankful