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Hi Colleen and thank you for the response.

My testosterone levels in my blood have come back fine and in middle of the range. My FSH has come back at the very low end of the range (1.6 on a range of 1.5 to 12.4). I got some special tests ordered by a natureopath which western medicine is quick to dismiss which suggests my testosterone is low for my age based on a Urine test. The test is known as the Dutch Test.

I feel pretty worn down often but not sure that is connected. I do get plenty of sleep.

As for life changes, maybe 6 months prior, I moved to the suburbs from the city with my girlfriend (now my wife). Though that was stressful, I have experienced way more stress than that in my life.

Mayo Clinic has unfortunately rejected me but I feel like I need a team of doctors to hear me out and put there minds together.

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Male Menopause ?

@dschmidt91 menopause it’s hot flashes and serious sweating can be annoying and frightening. You say you would like a team of doctors to listen to you and try to put things together. Are you being seen at your local hospital? Have you considered looking for a university teaching hospital or a regional medical center? Doctors at the larger hospitals can be more researched based and deal with more complex problems. Check the computer for a university in your state and/or google “medical centers of excellence.” You want one that deals in men’s health. Try this and see what you find. Will you get back to me and let me know what you learn?

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