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Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction

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My stomach starts hurting reading your story! I’ve been d there and occasionally get flare ups.
Did you have MRCP?
I had 2 ERCPs after my gallbladder surgery, with widening of the opening.
Elevated LFTs was not really a criteria then. If needed, try to get a blood draw in the middle of an attack. It shouldn’t be necessary though.
With the weight loss and frequent pain it sounds like a good idea to switch doctors.

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Replies to "My stomach starts hurting reading your story! I’ve been d there and occasionally get flare ups...."

I did have an MRCP back in the way beginning and according to them nothing really out of the normal. I had the absolute most worst attack this morning it lasted well over an hour and a half I was on the floor almost in tears with the worst pain and then I finally got sick usually after getting sick once the pain goes away this pain Didn’t go away today. I ended up getting sick a little more pain tried to start dulling off but I went to sleep, woke up and now I can’t stay off the toilet so today’s gonna be one of my bad days where I have to force myself to get up to do stuff. When I’m in the middle of an attack I am absolutely incapacitated I cannot even stand straight I was in the middle of feeding my animals this morning and they had to wait until after I was able to move somewhat to finish feeding him. The ERCP is what I have been trying to get my doctors to do on me that U Of M doc says no because I don’t have any abnormal labs and even though I’ve lost all this weight in this little amount of time I’m still considered at a healthy weight it’s very frustrating. The only thing that has been different over the last week was I was going to try and donate some plasma to get some extra money and when she checked my hematocrit within a three day 40. My hematocrit had dropped 10, down to the very bare minimum that you can have to not be abnormal, so I’m not sure if SOD dysfunction messes with your hematocrit but where did my red blood cells go why am I all of a sudden anemic? I keep trying to convince my doctor I would rather do the ERCP now because I feel I am in a healthier way now than I will be by the time labs start showing up abnormal and my weight drops below 100 and I don’t know how bad I have to get for my U Of M doctor to listen to what I’m trying to explain to him.

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