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So sorry to here How do you adjust I find it depressing. My friends wanted totreat me to birthday lunch declined no taste no fun Elen307

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I wish I had some encouraging encouraging words. I find foods of certain textures I enjoy more then others. So I sort of choose foods that way… not the same but at least I get a little enjoyment. have ear ring in both ears since covid and terrible fatigue. So the loss of taste and smell doesn’t bother me as these lingering symptoms. My new dr has me taking a lot of supplements which has helped with the fatigue and I will be seeing an ENT next week. I am hoping things may move in a good direction sometime soon

Allow me to jump into the conversation. I understand your depression. I am dealing with a rare disease and the medication side effects are depressing. Most days I would rather stay in bed with my head under my blanket. But I have friends who care enough to want to spend time with me. It appears that you have friends too. It’s not about the taste of the food. It’s about allowing people to love on you. If you keep withdrawing from your friends, they may soon withdraw from you. I have explained to my friends that my medication makes me depressed. I have even had to excuse myself to the ladies room to vomit, but they care enough to keep me in the loop and without my friends my life would be unbearable. I think you need the love of friends help you get through this, not so much the taste of food. Happy Birthday and God bless.

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