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combined anterior and posterior cervical spine surgery

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@rico175 Hello and welcome to Connect. I am a spine surgery patient too with a C5-C6 fusion. All surgery creates scar tissue and scar tissue in the fascia which is a cobweb like tissue that encases everything and interweaves through the muscles. It tightens up which restricts movement, traps waste products in the tissue, and can cause pain and body misalignment. On Connect, we are not medical professionals, and what we can do is share our experiences. I have worked on the tightness in my neck before and after spine surgery with my physical therapist who does myofascial release and it helps a lot. I also have thoracic outlet syndrome that makes my neck and shoulders tight and I need to do MFR and stretching on a regular basis to keep my neck moving properly and avoid being locked by muscle spasms and it has helped me a lot, and to keep the incision area on my neck from being tight. There is an emotional component to this as well because stress will just tighten everything more.

You may want to see a physical therapist. At 11 months post op, you may be able to do this, but do ask your surgeon what is best for you. I had to wait until my fusion had begun and couldn't do therapy and MFR until about 5 months postop. I have no spine hardware and was just in a neck brace until it fused. I have normal movement with only one fused level, and surely the number of levels fused will affect how much movement is lost because of spine surgery. I think MFR will help, and for a more definitive answer you can ask a MFR provider. There is a provider search at http://mfrtherapists.com/

Here is our discussion on MFR. Look at the first pages for lots of links to information and videos.

Do you think you may try myofascial release?

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Thanks. I will definitely look into MFR. Given my extensive fusion from C2-T2 I realize that I am going to have limited movement but I thought that the muscles would be healed by now. Every time I pick up something over 25 pounds especially even less weight over my head I pay for it.