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Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction

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Hello @dcline78 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am sure that you do feel frustrated that you can't get the kind of testing that you need. While SOD is known by many GI doctors, it is not a well-known disorder and can often be overlooked. Does your doctor give you any specific reasons for not following up on this diagnosis?

I'd like to direct you to another conversation about SOD. Please read the posts and ask questions or make comments to anyone there by clicking on "Reply." Most of these members also had a hard time getting a good diagnosis.
I would like to invite @amber142 to post with you as well as @mco1989.
They have also discussed SOD.

Here is another discussion by other members who have had digestive problems after gall bladder removal.
Based on your symptoms as well as your weight loss, I would suggest getting a second opinion. Have you considered a second opinion with a GI doctor who knows more about SOD?

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I will definitely check out the two conversations you have given, and thank you for that. As far as why they won’t dx me with SOD, because all the “tests” they are able to do have all come back normal. The ercp is really the only test I haven’t had, both my regular GI Dr and also the U of M GI specialist are going based off the testing. I did go see a new GI dr yesterday, and I’m being nice when I say she basically stated she isn’t going to touch me because she doesn’t want to step on U of M’s toes. Which I understand, but she was very rude about it, I was sent to her cause I had ended up in the hospital after a week of hell from a bad attack and could not see my U of M dr, not that he’d do anything idk, but my pcp wanted me to see someone local so sent me to this GI dr. This dr had rave reviews from almost everyone, but I feel like she basically shut me down every time I wanted to explain anything and just ended it right there. So now I’m wondering if I should try to get into Mayo because they may have Specialist that deal with SOD Type 3.

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