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I started my changes in eating in March of 2021 after a bowel blockage, caused from previous bowel cancer surgery. . I have been trying to educate myself but all computer info seems focused on weight loss rather than health. Here's how I go at it. 1st) I check everything for sugar. Added sugar on the label, other artificial sugar in the ingredients list, and all the chemical names that include a sugar in disguise. I try to buy organic and wash everything that can be washed before I eat it (eliminated pesticides). I eat lots of fruit and vegetables including well washed skins, which hold most of the vitamins. I went thru' about 5 months logging everything I ate just to get a handle on my total carb, added sugar, and Sat. fats, calories, and eating habits. I upped my protein. I cook almost exclusively with olive oil. I eat tuna, salmon, and chicken occassionally, but I think they are all dangerous. I never was much on red meat, but now I rarely eat hamburger. I eat WW bread. When I eat canned vegetables or fruits, I wash all the juice/syrup/water off. What isn't filled with sugar- is filled with salt. I rarely eat soup (salt), rarely drink fruit juice (I eat 6 prunes a day to be sure my bowels keep moving ) …And I stumble a lot, fall off the wagon, but alway go back. I am off my antidepressants, off my blood pressure medicine, off henna-S (which is a stool softener + a laxitive). I am holding at 118 lbs, down from about 135. My blood sugar is under control and the only medication I take is Metformin. I go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. Take calcium, B12, Fish Oil and probiotics. My cholesterol is a little high but not enough to be worrisome. Do I miss fried foods and dessert? You bet. Do I get frustrated? You bet? Do I backslide? You bet. But, at 73, I haven't felt this good in years. I stopped looking at 'fad' diets long ago, but I may take a second look at the Keto diet based on Trekkie 3's comments. Good luck to all of you who are trying to get healthy! Don't give up.

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You have some great motivation there, @pc2018 Based on your medical history, a true keto diet is not something I would recommend without the guidance of a registered dietitian. You have made some really excellent lifestyle changes. Keep up the great work!

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