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Diagnosed with Ameloblastoma

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Hello @caw and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. You will notice that I updated the title of your post slightly and also included it in the Head & Neck Cancer group to allow for more people to find this discussion in order to make some connections.

Because this diagnosis is rare, connecting with others who can understand what you have been going through can be difficult but also so important. It is great that you have reached out to this community for support and to make connections.

While we wait for others to join in, would you mind sharing how you are doing 8-months post operation and what has been most challenging for you along this journey?

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Thank you for doing that. I can share that I am doing very well at 8 months post op. I returned to work, reduced hours at 8 weeks, and full hours no restriction at 12 weeks. I feel that my energy has returned to near baseline at the 6 month mark. My function is still reduced and I'm hopeful it will improve as time passes and as my brain adapts to the new jaw. I am still working through the prosthodontics process in hopes to regain and improve my function of eating and speaking. There have been many challenging moments along this journey. Right now I would say what seems to be challenging me the most is the length of time it takes to adapt to the new jaw and the frustration with my speaking ability, I'm hopeful this will improve as time goes on. I hope to inspire others going through this very difficulty surgery and recovery. I am grateful for Mayo Clinic and my team every day. The more I read about this surgery and diagnosis the more I appreciate how lucky I am.