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In August 2021 I was diagnosed with Multifocal Adenocarcinoma Insitu, but the oncology notes kind of imply insitu if the GGOs are indolent, but if aggressive then something else. Perhaps as more scans occur the notes will provide more clarity.

September 2021, I had a wedge resection removing 2 cancer nodules from upper left lobes. 3-4 Nodules currently remain in upper right, lower right, and lower left lobes. The lower ones have been noted in the Hila area, I have asked questions about this area and have not gotten much response. They all kind of indicate these other nodules still could be nothing. Hmmm. That is what we started with when called GGO typically not cancer. Since the 2 removed were, my guess the likelihood the remaining are the same.

So far I have felt blessed to have found these while they are small. I felt relieved to hear slow growing, but since new tumors just pop up – I had a small meltdown one night when I thought – what if they find a new tumor on my upper left lobe again on December scan? Even cried for a couple minutes thinking about just having the surgery and not wanting to do that again any time soon. All I can do is pray no change or decrease as some have said happens.
I have a KRAS mutation so not yet a candidate for target chemotherapy. Pulmonologist has said there are trials out there working toward treating adenocarcinoma insitu as a chronic disease with medication someday. Very interesting indeed.
Post wedge reactions surgery I was home about 36 hours after surgery. Making my own coffee 3 days after. I am doing great jogged/walked a 5K 4 weeks out and back to HIIT training at 5 weeks. Still recovering and notice some small aches near incision sites occasionally. They say that is just scar tissue and will subside.
It is very interesting for me to hear about the MAC history from everyone here especially the long term people.
Prayers for all of us.

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Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, Jami (@jamineibs).
I Had my first cancer in 1997 and 10 years later my the first 3 of many multifocal carcinomas appeared. It is now 14 years later. The type is NSCLC (non-small cell lung cancer- adenocarcinoma). There is no staging because each nodule is considered a primary, just as your doctor described.

If I remember correctly those aches near your incision sites might be muscle contractions. My surgeon told me that when you cut into someone's chest the geography is disrupted and all the nerves need to find new pathways.

It sounds as if you have rebounded pretty well! We have a super lady!

I think that once the role of KRAS oncogene (A gene that is a mutated (changed) form of a gene involved in normal cell growth. Oncogenes may cause the growth of cancer cells. Mutations in genes that become oncogenes can be inherited or caused by being exposed to substances in the environment that cause cancer) in NSCLC becomes clear and its predictive and prognostic impact will help with targeted therapy.

So far I have had chemo (didn't help) and surgery, and proton and photon radiation. No targeted therapy has been used. My next CT is Nov. 21st.

I hope that you continue to feel good and that your healing is smooth.


You seem to be doing great with your workouts, impressive!!
I know KRAS can likely have different variants, and targeted therapies can be specific to stage, but I’m wondering if you’ve had a discussion with your oncologist about Lumakras (sotorasib), which was FDA approved for KRAS earlier this year. Possibly just something to keep in mind for the future if it’s needed. There is hope.
A good cry can be cleansing and level-setting for me, do it when you need to. This is scary stuff!
Take care, Lisa (ALK positive Stage IV, diagnosed 3/2020, so far so good!)